S-Max 2007 options and aftermarket

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Hi everyone, new here, from Croatia. 

I need some help with a near future purchase, so I thought it would be best to come to a UK message board for all Ford related questions. 

Sorry for a very long post, and sorry I lied a bit on the application, I don't own a Ford quite yet. 

Let me give you a quick overview. Wife and I bought a 4 year old C4 in 2016 and a brand new i10 last year. We have a kid and now expecting twins so I'm looking for something that'll fit 3 child seats. We planned to get our next car in 4-5 years, but the twins pushed that time frame to the next couple of months. Wanted to get a bit newer Picasso but I'm reluctant to pay more for a car that'll be just a bit younger and with more miles than ours. 

Then I looked at the Multimac seat, that would cost us 2400 pounds which I was ok with, but can't find insurance that is willing to insure it and give me their word in wirting they'll buy me a new one if, God forbid, we have an accident. 

So I came up with a third plan, and that was to exchange our C4 for an older car in an ok state. I always wanted to drive a Ford so I started looking for an S-Max, 2.0 Tdci 140 hp in Titanium trim. Found a couple, imported form Italy, bad condition etc. 

But I also found one from 2007 at a somewhat reputable used cars dealer here. It has just above 110K miles, though it's not a Titanium but it has some optional features.

I'm gonna go look at it in a couple of days, but I see in images it has a multimedia system and for this kind I can't find anything on the internet. Someone know exactly what it is? Is it possible it might have handsfree? And are the AC controls included on this unit? Here's the image:


Also, the other thing I was wondering, I quite like the digital cockpit the Titanium trim has. Is it possible to install this cockpit instead of a regular one? I can find a couple of non-driving S-Maxes (S-Maxii?) so could probably get the cockpit cheap. 


Second question is regarding another S-Max I found. 2008 96 kw automatic. 

Same mileage, same price, titanium trim. Though history is questionable, could easily have false mileage. If not, would the 96 kw be ok in this car? And what about the automatic gearbox?  How reliable is it? 


We will keep the car for 4-5 years, same as we planned keeping the C4,and then buy a new(er) car. And we'll hardly do more than 40k in that time. Wife won't work for 3 years since we'll have twins and I drive the i10 to work and around town mainly. So this will be used only when all 5 of us will go somewhere. 

I would prefer and would get a petrol, but finding a used petrol of any car that was sold with diesel as well is harder than finding the Holy Grail here in Croatia. 

So that's about it, I'd appreciate any bit of help and again, sorry for a long post. 


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That's the Ford/Denso satnav that came with the pre-Facelift S-Maxes. The handsfree was a stand-alone option, and very basic (with phone specific cradles that are no longer available for current phones). There are no more map updates (but then I think Croatia was never covered anyway), and if things go wrong they go expensive quickly (as in similar to what you paid for the car) again. A/C controls are integrated, so to replace this you have to change the centrestack bezel and get the standalone A/C control. I would try to find a facelift S-Max, or one without the touchscreen system, where it is easier to replace with an aftermarket radio / satnav if necessary.

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