MOT Failure ... Advice needed

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2008 Mondeo 2.0tdci Zetec Estate

Hi guys, advice needed if possible. 

My car has failed MOT on 2 points as follows:

1) Suspension arm; mounting bush defective:foremost, offside rear

2) Brake system; binding: offside rear

I'm in Northern Ireland. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our MOT procedure we bring our vehicles to a government agency. They do not offer a fix/repair service in the way that a UK approved garage does so any repairs need to be done elsewhere. Usually I get the necessary parts and bring them to my mechanic and he does the work. I usually use Eurocarparts. They may not be the cheapest but they're handy.

Firstly, from the above description can anyone help to identify the actual bush I need to get as their website shows different possible parts. 

And secondly, the binding brake issue ... the MOT guy said it is a caliper issue but didn't know if it was binding on the handbrake or the footbrake. Is this going to need a new caliper or can it normally be freed up? Again, if a new part is needed can anyone help identify the part needed? 

Many thanks guys

mot fail.jpg

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With your calipers, usually its just the pad is stuck in the sliders requiring a new set of discs and pads (plus a good cleanup on the calipers and carriers). Otherwise calipers are a piece of cake to refurbish provided you have a way to bleed the brakes after (there's nothing fancy to them at all). You'll need a seal kit from the motor factors as if its managed to seize, then the dust covers will be pretty far gone. Any corrosion/crap just clean off with a bit of emery paper or scotch brite.

If you're so unlucky you need a new caliper, either get a used one from a wreckers/ebay (there should be loads of those mondeo's being broke for parts). Alternatively you can get a new one from ebay.



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Well, 2 weeks later I s'pose its history now, but certainly the mk3 Mondy calipers are by Bosch and the slide pins, or rather the lower of the pair is fitted with an anti-vibration  rubber sleeve which is sensitive to mineral grease, ie if you lube your slide pins with stuff containing mineral grease the rubber sleeve becomes sticky and swells up resulting in sticking caliper and uneven pad wear. If you buy a caliper repair kit from Bigg Red, it comes with a new rubber sleeve, + silicon lube for the pins. If you DO change the piston, take a look at some guides on youtube, very helpful as BIGG RED kits come without instructions. 

If you go on and type in your vin, you'll see all the bits + part nos for your particular Mondy.. I'd recommend you buying a proper genuine Ford bush as that'll be guaranteed to fit and made of the correct materials) too much cost-cutting on aftermarket parts (China) leads to premature failures, sadly. 

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