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My mate just swapped his car for a heavily modified '54 Vauxhall Corsa Life ... But don't be fooled by the "Life" trim level.

The car has had an engine transplant, it has a 2.0 "Redtop" engine out of a mk2 Astra GTE put in it ... So I'm told. :huh:

But he just let me have a little whizz in it up a straight bit of dirt track at the back of our village ... PHWOOOAR!

Proper, proper, pushed back into the seat sort of fast.

... Still want a Fiesta though. I'm not into modifing cars, not my "thang". :lol:

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Thats me too :)

But I still appreciate the power of other / mod'ed cars :D

Sounds like a beast! What did it sound like?

It is a beast! I must be honest, quite quiet when at low speed. But when the pedal goes down it sounds nothing short of unbelievable tbh. Real power as well, nothing like a chavved up car with an induction kit. The engine is original, but sounds awesome!

Next time I see hime I'll get a pic of it and maybe a video. ;)

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