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Well, Here You Go...


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Nico-its your first car! Compared with what most have as a first car, a MK7 black zetec is not to be sniffed at!!

the problem is though you can never be 100% happy with what you have if there a better version out there can you!!

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Cheers for the comments guys... appreciated. I agree the wheels do set it off.. and they suit Panther Black too.. makes them really stand out.

Nico, you've got a great first car, just enjoy it and don't worry about posher cars.. my first car was a 1981 MK1 Orange Vauxhall Cavalier GL.. it was only six years old when I got it but it was like out of the ark, even by 1987 standards! I was envious of MK2 Cavalier SRi's, always wanted one.. but never did.. got an XR2 instead! :)



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