Bad smell!!!!

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Hiya all, I am an S-max owner. After a trip to France a week ago (whole family) the car has developed an horrific smell within the cab.! Smells like a dead animal. Now having 3 children trust me when I say I have checked, checked again and then checked a further 5 times for a cheese sandwich, open milkshake bottle etc etc. But cannot find a single thing! The car has been cleaned and still the same, clearly now it’s getting warm again it is a LOT worse. 

I think it may be in the air vents but have generally checked these and also the Pollen filter, no joy. Please help me!! Any suggestions will be gladly accepted and investigated, checked around the underneath of the car for critters but not entirely sure where the air intake is for the heater system is to check that thoroughly.

Thank you all. 


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Anything lurking under the floor covers in the back?

Failing that is it a diesel? 


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