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Under Bonnet Insulation


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hi chaps

does anyone know if the mk2 focus comes with bonnet insulation as standard? mine hasn't got any, but i think there should be some there.

where would be the best place to get some with the clips?

has everyone elses car got this under the bonnet?


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My mark 2 has it and I'm pretty sure that it will be fitted as standard. You might be able to obtain the whole thing from a breakers if they have that bit for the mark 2.

the iesel had it as standard most petrols dont as it retains heat in the engine bay i was at the scrappy and every petrol didnt havew them but the diesels did

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Punkrulesok, do you mean the insulation that is attaced to the under side of the bonnet, or the plastic cover that clips on the top of the engine ? I think i'm getting confused here.

the insulation i think he meaNs definately with the mk1 it only came on diesels as a sound proof thing ive yet to see a petrol with 1 on it i dont have it and to be honest i wouldnt put it on it keeps the under bonnet temp up and if you have a leaky washer jet as some mk2 can have youll never know till you lift the bonnet and find the insulations sodden diesels dont run as hot as petrols thats why the diesel has it fitted also the diesels noisy so it dampens the noise a bit

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My Mk1 Focus Zetec petrol has the under bonnet insulation.

all i can say is unless the last owner bought it most dont have it at all out of maybe 40 scrap cars ive seen only the diesels have had it im a mk1 zetec petrol y reg march 2001 and i dont have any never have had it not that im bothered i usually remove it anyway as it just helps the heat build up more than anything and causes the underside of the bonnet to rot when it stays wet through th ewinter months

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yeah it's the foam like stuff attatched to the underside bonnet.

i'm surprised the petrols don't have it, as i'm sure it would keep the noise down, especially on motorways. if i can get some i'll whack it on and see.

i'm sure the heat won't affect it at all, there's plenty of air flow on the mk2 1.6 zetec.

alot of other petrol cars have this stuff on ...

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