MK4 Grill Removal

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I have never used this forum before. I’m hoping for a reply with direct knowledge and a solution rather than a discussion, as I have a problem that needs fixing. I hope this doesn’t come across as antisocial. I just need to get cracking on it and don’t want to spend time with opinions and general chit chat.

Basically, in short - a pigeon decided to kamikaze it’s feathery little body through my 2019 Focus ST-Line grill, smashing its flimsy plastic construction to pieces. I now need to buy a grill and change it, but cannot seem to work out how to remove the grill.

That’s it really. Does anyone know how it’s done? Tried pulling at it like the old MK3.5, which comes off without any tools, but this doesn’t come off like that. Like I said before, please only reply if you KNOW how to remove it.

Many thanks in advance.


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Get yourself a trim removal kit (

There are equidistant rectangular tabs located on the grill that clip over tabs on the bumper. You need to use the plastic tool to go round the grill releasing the tabs whilst trying not to damage the paint work. Pry down on the grill to release the bumper whilst pulling the grill away from the car. It's a bugger of a job, but don't use a screw driver.

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Agreed, I got one after years of knackering the clips.

Worth getting a few spare clips too if you cqn, just in case.

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