Help please clicking and flashing S-max

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Hi all 

Is it possible anyone has some advice out there. I have an  S-max 2010 titanium 2L petrol EcoBoost.

It will not start. The engine will not turn over. Anytime I press the start button and the brakes to start the car the electrics flash and the car makes a clicking/ticking noise until I release them.

When I say the electrics flash all I can see is flashes of light above the steering wheel whilst I'm trying to start it. The dashboard images are as normal.

Today I have driven it once maybe a couple of miles. I came home parked up for around 1/2hr and then attempted  to go back out and it has just refused to start.

The car locks and unlocks as normal. I have had it nearly a year and have never had an issue before this.


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On 10/28/2019 at 4:08 PM, rbitton782 said:


Have you checked your battery?
Sounds like a foulty battery.

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I put a new battery in and it was working fine but now the same thing has happened apart from the clicking. It now just will not start.

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When you try and start it do all the lights go dim on the dash and have you tried jump starting it.


if jumping it works most likely battery issue or loose wire on battery or starter.

if jumping it but it turns over really slowly or still nothing i would say starter is foobar.


when jumping the car good leads and engine running with 1500+revs on a similar size engine little engines little boost to car battery.

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