New member help with 2007 smax

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Hi I'm new her first post and hoping I could get some help/advice before I go see the dreaded mechanic took a risk and bought a cheap 2007 1.8 diesel smax couple of days ago from a site I work on its just used to drive the hi ups around site so not to get there nice cars dirty anyway I know the car has been run on red diesel so takes the car home puts £30 normal diesel in and is fine drives great the next morning starts and drives fine most of the day coming home in the evening feels like the car misfires a bit tiny loss of power, then this morning car struggles to start when it does start cuts out after a couple of seconds then tried a few times to bump start that works but loads of black smoke comes out to the point of leaving a large black mark on the road,today it had randomly cut out while driving and once while idling after a short drive other times starts no problem and drives fine any ideas guys I just dont want the old try every option in the garage because the car is cheap and not worth the trouble 



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Well as helpful as this post has been I've joined another forum for advice 


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