2016 S-Max Titanium sport 2.0 Ecoboost fuel economy

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a 2016 Ford S-Max with the 2.0 (240bhp) petrol Ecoboost  auto with just over 19k miles on the clock, however I am having an issue with the fuel consumption. I am getting 300 miles or less from a tank of fuel which  equates to around 19mpg, which seems awfully low. I am trying to drive the thing as conservatively as possible. I frequently use the cruise control, and I am light of the accelerator, but it doesn't  make any difference. On the last two tanks I did a few longer journey's, but the majority of my driving is around town. I did some research and from what I can see I think I should be looking at at least 22mpg. I should add the the vehicle went in for its 3 year service last week and I haven noticed the fuel economy improve at all. I reported the issue to the garage at the time but they couldn't find any issue. Are there any other owners of this vehicle on the forum that can offer some advice. Is this kind of fuel economy normal?

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I would say that's about right considering the colder temps and longer nights and heavy vehicle and depending on how bad the town traffic is.

My 2.2 diesel Mondeo normally averages 40mpg for my commute on B and A roads and a bit of town (but not much stop/start), last week I drove in to and across Bristol and it dropped down to 30mpg.

My old ST24 (2.5 V6) used to average 28mpg but in town it was anything from 18-22mpg

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