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Mk1 Focus Ib5 Vss Removal

Roy K.

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Hi folks!

Just registered on here to ask for some help and advice!

My speedo on my Mk1 Focus 1.8 LX with the IB5 box threw in the towel. Pin 1 is at 12V and Pin 3 is at ground, and the diagnostic procedure sweeps the gauges correctly so I ordered a new Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).

Now, I'm sure this topic has been covered before many times as it seems to be a frequent problem and a pig of a job to do. I've managed to remove the retaining pin successfully and in theory the sensor should just pull out. But it wont. Mole grips, screwdrivers, twisting, levering, pulling from above, applying heat, you name it I've tried it, wont shift.

Now I'm left with a a little stub of plastic sticking out where the connector used to be and nothing left to pull on! So, looks like I'm going to be drilling it out. Has anyon ever managed to do this successfully without dumping a load of swarf and metal into the box? Anything I can do or avoid to increse my chances of success?

Thanks folks!

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nothing left to pull on!

Jeez I'd hate to be in your position :rolleyes:

And on top of that I'm sorry to say I can offer no advice with your sensor problem, it's a job I've never had to do.

best of luck mate

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You have gone further than me, I got the pin out but it wouldn't shift so have given up for now. been a weekend since your post so you may have sorted it, if you did please tell me how you got on but...

I am no mechanic nor do I have much experience so my terminology may be wrong but have you removed the fill cap on the gearbox? because suction will be fighting you, if you do remove it make sure it on level ground because apparently the filler hole is also the level mark.

Would be interested to know how you got on as I have now panicked and stopped doing mine for a moment.


Didn't read the OP properly.

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Hi there,

I did think about removing the filler cap but the gearbox has a breather tube so in theory the vacuum effect should be minimal if any.

My cars 120k miles and every bolt/fastener on every job I've ever done has been rusted solid, and it appears the sensor has just cold-welded itself into the alloy gearbox casing. At the moment my old man (ex-Ford mechanic from back in the day when cable driven speedos did the job perfectly fecking well) is drilling a series of small holes in the sensor from above around the outside close to the casing. Not sure what his plan is but I've personally given up and am ready to burn it so he can do what he pleases!

Will keep y'all updated!

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Hi folks,

Well while I was away sunning myself on an oil rig my old man came up with the goods!

Basically he smashed off the top part (plug, etc) of the sensor with a hammer, then set about drilling lots of holes into the sensor, basically to just below the depth of the 2nd (lowest) o-ring. These holes were around the outside so each hole drilled released the grip on the box casing slightly. Eventually he drilled all the material away until he was able to reach down and pull out the narrow magnetic sensing piece intact without any parts falling into the box.

Yes, it was labour intensive but easier than stripping the box! New sensor is fitted and the Speedo works again.

He reckons he could make up a tool to do the drilling part much more easily, might see if I can find him a dead IB5 box so he can practice and try and knock a tool up!

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another way is to lock some mole grips onto the sensorand then working from underneath get a mate to smack the mole grips with a hammer and large screwdriver as you wiggled them,

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