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Cant find /autolights and rain retrofit

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Hi , I've been searching this forum for days trying to find the post about  retrofitting  /autolights and rain sensor to a focus  2015 onwards .

I saw one that had a picture guide .pdf (  dont know if it was for my revision ) but cant find it now

I've read people like wayne was going to do a guide but dont think they got around to it . 


Anyone have a guide or part numbers of what I need . 


I know I need the roof harness that goes from the sensor  to bcm.

Need a sensor 

And the autolight switch 

And focuss software to change settings 

If I get a tit x harness then I can install the mirror, visor lights . 


Any help appreciated 

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I went through this, pdf is in the thread 


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Ok I  managed to find the pdf I required . It could have been explained  a bit better . Iantt was involved .


If.anyone has this pdf guide  , do yous know what the holding wire is on the rain sensor ? 

Does the rain sensor cable go to the bcm  and that's it ? 

 Can I get a bcm connector and just wire it myself to the rainsensor (if I get sensor plug)

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