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Gearbox codes


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Hi I have purchased a used gearbox but the last two letters are different on the gearbox code mine is pd and the one I have purchased is pf will it fit thanks

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I guess the part number of the original gearbox is CV6R-7002-PD and the part number of the replacement gearbox is CV6R-7002-PF. These are 6-speed Ford B6 gearboxes that are used specifically on the Focus 1,0 ECOboost.

Ford part numbers have a prefix, a main number and a suffix.

* The prefix (in this case CV6R) includes information about the Year the part was introduced (C=2012) vehicle type or vehicle platform (V6 = C1 platform), and the division that was responsible for the development of the part (R=Trans & Axle Manual).
* The main number (in this case 7002) identifies the particular part. 7002 is the code for transmission.
* The suffix (in this case PD or PF) identifies the version of the particular part (1st character) and the revision (2nd character) of the part. Every time that a part is improved/further developed the revision character changes. Some parts have additional suffix characters (for example interior trim parts) that indicate the particular color of the part.

In this case only the 2nd suffix character that identifies the revision of the part. This basically means that part numer CV6R-7002-PF is just a revised/improved version of part number CV6R-7002-PD. Both parts are listed in Ecat as being fully interchangeable.


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