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Radio Not Working | Ford Audio Screen (2011 C-Max Grand Zetec)

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Hi Guys,

I purchased my 2011 Ford Grand C-Max Zetec on Friday and I can't get the radio to work for love nor money.

A brand new battery was installed ahead of the purchase and it seems to have "reset the system". However, I am not getting the option to input the security code.

All I am experiencing is the Ford Audio screen when the radio is powered on. No other functions work either, Phone, Aux, CD etc.

When the radio is powered off, it returns to the time and date screen and I am able to edit this by hitting menu but no other function works.

I have read almost every article related to the problem and tried many trouble shooting suggestions, most notably:

- Removing the audio fuse, turning the engine on and leaving it run for 5 minues, turning it off and replacing the fuse

- Holding down certain buttons when I power up the radio

- Leaving the 1 hour mode for longer than an hour to be prompted with the code entry display

- Removing the battery power, leaving it for 5 minutes and then replacing it

None of these things have worked.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's had a similar problem and found a fix.

Thanking you in advance.

With bated breath,



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