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Focus Titanium 2019 keyless locking problem

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I managed to lock my key in my Focus last weekend.

The car was locked when I opened the hatch with the key in my pocket so the hatch unlocked but the doors remained locked.

The problem occurred when I put my shorts (with the key in the pocket) in the car and shut the hatch.

The doors and the hatch were then locked and I had to be rescued by my son with the spare key.

I have tried to repeat the problem a number of times and in all cases when the hatch is shut with the key in the car and the doors locked the car beeps twice and unlocks the doors.

This is the behaviour I expected so I can't understand why it failed.

Has anyone any similar experiences?


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Could something have been shielding the key 1st time ? Or it was probably just a glitch.

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