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MK6 Fiesta Gearbox Oil Leak

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I have an oil leak coming from my gearbox area, was wondering if it could possibly be the driveshaft seal? 

Not sure if these are related but my gearstick is very tough and you have to be quite forceful to change gear. In addition to this there is a squealing noise that comes from the drivers side suspension area and thought that could be related to the oil leak? 

I’ve attached some pictures below, thanks in advance.41B5E4C1-9F0C-493D-8C2F-5ABF3B65E4C2.thumb.jpeg.fbb8f1b5070be0e5888bfa199829f262.jpeg




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I reckon you're right about it being the driveshaft oil seal.

Looks like you've lost a fair amount of oil so that cause the trouble selecting gears.  

Squealing isn't likely to be gearbox related.  Either an aux belt or one of the pulley bearings.

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