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S Max Mk2 Sync 2 removal Help Please.

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Hi All I hope your all well.

Iv just got a 2016 Mk2 S Max with the Sync 2 system in it. I am going to be using the Sat Nav allot and on the hole I am not pleased with it as Iv had a newer car with Sync 3.

I have a few questions about changing the system and under stand most of it just a few little things I want to be clear on as I can not find the info I want.

So the biggest question is dose any one have the info on removing the sync 2 from My car I.E pulling the dash apart to get it out? 

Dose the Sync 3 screen and APIM have to come from a S max or and can it come from any Ford with a sync 3 system in it.

Do I need the Vin number to keep it up to date.

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Best asked in the Facebook SMax Owners group, better still the Mondeo group. Many Mondeo Owners done this upgrade. There is a good Mustang upgrade video on YT to give you an idea of how to do it and the bits needed but not seen any SMax specific. From what I understand you need the Sync 3 hardware (Unit and USB for carplay etc - Sync 2 had SD card Sync has internal storage) and the brackets for the car you're mounting it to. You will need the donor VIN for Ford updates for Sync 3 ver 3.0 (most upgrades on the Mondeo Facebook group are getting side loading version 3.4 and bypassing Ford all together, a further upgrade to firmware gives radio logos and video).

I am happy with mine (Sync 3 v 3.0) as is because I mainly use Apple CarPlay and the Nav maps, which are free downloads, are the latest, F9.

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I thought about doing the same to my car, then I found out the price of a sync 3 screen, £600 approx. That was for a second hand unit  and you also had to buy a new usb connector as the 2 and 3’s are different. 

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