focus s 2016

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hi i wonder if anyone could give me advice.

i have a  2016 focus s 1.5 tdci . in built up areas it sounds like its pinking  but i've been told diesels dont pink , 

i've used 3 tanks  of ultimate fuel and changed the fuel filter but it seems no different , and ideas what it can be.?

at 1st i thought i had a blow in the exhaust  but it sound more like pinking , the car drives fine just this annoying noise , thanks 

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Diesels always knock by their design.  It's just a random explosion bashing the piston somewhere around TDC.  Very different to the smooth flame spread of petrol when it's ignited by a spark... 

Diesels do sound rubbish, buy a petrol or turn the radio up... :wink: 

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