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S-Max issues: please help

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Ford S-Max 1.8 Titanium (58 plate) issues:

I’ve had the car for around 18 months now. Around 12 months ago I noticed an issue regarding the first start of the day. It seemed to be struggling, just the first start though. Any other start during the course of the day was fine. Other issues started to creep in as well such as the radio unit just turns on and off by itself whilst driving. The windscreen wipers don’t stay on intermittent, they go onto warp speed so I have to manually flick the lever each time. Also when accelerating quickly the car goes into engine malfunction mode.

The starting issue gradually got worse. I’ve had green flag out around 5 times this year. It had a new battery earlier this year. Yet still problems. Couple of times I’ve had no power what so ever. When green flag got it started the immobiliser was active light came on suggesting something triggered the alarm and drained the battery. I didn’t hear the alarm though. Other times it’s tried to start but just won’t. Been to several different garages including ford, been hooked up to the diagnostics but nobody can find any issue what so ever. This morning it’s trying but it won’t start and each turn of the key it just sounds more and more drained. 


Anyone any ideas here? Something electrical possibly? 

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