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Jordan M

Engine Light On, Burning Smell, Imrc Stuck Open?

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I was wondering if anyone knows what the issue I am having might be.

Basically, the last few months my car (52 plate ST170) has been in and out of Ford about 4-5 times.

Recently, I have had the main rear oil seal changed, timing belt changed and the rocker cover gasket changed. A day before I last took it in, the engine warning light came on. I checked the DTC codes using the trip mileage display and it said no DTC codes found and the light remained on. I then took the car to Ford and they said they found a code for the dreaded IMRC "stuck open" issue.

They said when they checked it opened and closed fine so turned the light off and said keep an eye on it. Yesterday the light came back on and then later that night I noticed a burning/fishy oil smell :-s

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Also if anyone has recommendations for garages in the Portsmouth area, I would greatly appreciate it :-)


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just thought I would update with what the issue was/is.

IMRC is stuck in the open position intermittently. Ford have said it will not cause any damage to the engine but I will not get the power that I should from the car and the light will keep coming on and off.

I was quoted just under £290 - £216 for a new IMRC and £70 to fit it.

I've seen the part for £176-ish on FordParts UK. Anyone know how easy this would be to remove the old one and stick the new one in?

Thanks :-)

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