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Puddle Lamp not working

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I have just started using Forscan on my 2018 S-Max (as a result of the Screen heater issue in another topic) and of course did a scan for DTCs  One particular one comes up B1165 Left Front Puddle Lamp - circuit short to battery or circuit open to battery - passenger door control. Lo and behold, the left puddle lamp is not working, but I had not noticed it before. There is no mention of it in the handbook and I am not sure if it is incandescent or LED. It is a very yellow light but that doesn't rule out LED. Is there an easy way into the mirror? Or any way to check the lamp? Has anyone else had a similar problem and solved it?

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Looks like you can pop it out from the bottom of the mirror. There’s two notches, one on the light and the other on mirror. 

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