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Hi ,

my Ford Focus mk2.5 2008 power steering malfunction light come on.

Drives normal . Recent new alternated and Bosch battery .

wheelsspinning up a snowy hill yesterday but surely this can’t trigger it as only come on on start up this morning.

Does low fluid effect this ?

Going to check

thanks for any help

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is it late enough to have electric PAS (no easily visible PAS reservoir) ? - a later interim part elec / part hydraulic system has a reservoir hidden beneath the drivers headlight

some of these throw teddies with a worn out battery, but I thought that bug was more the later electric only PAS on the mk3 (where a designed to fail steering rack is lazy first start, then comes to life and magically gets happy when a nice new battery is fitted)

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It's a diesel from his profile, so will be electro hydraulic in 2008.

The wiring on the pump can go brittle and snap.  So that's worth checking.  If not then you'll need codes read, could be the pump or steering angle sensor.

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