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Hi all 

I have a Ford Mondeo 2015 when I start the engine and go and put it in gear it is really stiff sometimes impossible. But when the engine is off and I put it in gear it's no problem. When I start the car it always comes up saying press the clutch even though the clutch is engaged. 

I've looked on the other sites and seen it's could be a possible of 1 of 2 things. 

1. Clutch master cylinder

2. Slave cylinder

Has anyone else had this problem. Roughly how much do you think this would cost. 



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Hi Ross, it could also be the clutch itself that is causing it to not fully disengage, usually a failed/failing clutch cover but obviously a complete clutch should always be fitted.

If its the slave or master the pedal should feel soft/spongy and not firm as soon as you touch the pedal

naturally it is much cheaper to get the slave and master checked out first

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Hi, as a workaround, try putting it into 2nd gear first, then from 2nd, put it into 1st. (works with a worn syncromesh) 

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