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Ford Mondeo won't start electrical issue

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Hey hoping someone can help

Ford Mondeo mk4.5 2012 2.0 Ecoboost Powershift

My battery died a few days ago, my charger decided to pack up so I called out the RAC. They jump started the car and got it running. No errors on the dash, interior electrical components working ok.

The trouble started after turning the engine off. RAC were unable to start it back up again and it has since developed the following symptoms:

- Stuck on ford logo on dash
- Steering wheel unlocked
- No response from Start button
- Car Operative appeared on dashboard once
- Car Operative alert sound when shifting into n/d/r via manual lever. At this point ford logo disappears and displays key not detected on dashboard
- Heating controls not responding
- Forscan shows ignition not on and does not connect to ECU

Interior lights and central locking works fine along with wing mirror indicators. RAC said they think it's the BCM.


Sorry for the wall of text, wanted to get all the info there

Any help would be appreciated


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How about finding which fuse feeds the ecu and checking it hasn't blown? 

Tbh, Having starting issues after the battery going flat is ringing distant bells... can anyone else help? 

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Quick update. Had some diagnosis.


The Body Control Module is not communicating with the Power Steering Control Module. He said he can read codes from the Body Control Module so he thinks its the Power Steering Control Module. He recommended an ECU kit as he couldn't code a replacement unit to the car.


Is it possible to just replace the Power Steering Control Module and do this myself somehow?


Anyone help with confirming his diagnosis?



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