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Road Rallying, 70's.

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Well, I was a marshall at the Circuit of Ireland in the late 70s for 2 years. Unfortunately in the days before mobile phones so no photos! I did get a whistle though which I use to blow to warn spectators of oncoming cars, as if the 200 decibel noise escaped them LOL Use to attend for years and just loved the group B cars, like the Metro 6R4, Audi Quattro, and even Fords own RS200...

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My mates Band Saxon  just releasing new Album in March.

Thought this official video release might float your boat.

Saxon big hair band from a good few years back, and video shows some Ford rallying.

This tune is a Deep Purple cover Speed King


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1 hour ago, StephenFord said:

What a great video!! Those Mk1 Escorts, Talbot Sunbeams, and even the 911, and all before Health & Safety had been invented LOL Loved it...

Yeah Stephen,  thats what I thought, brings back memories, first car I drove, was mk1 escort, car I passed my test in mk2 escort, first car I owned mk2 escort with square headlamps.


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I began in around 1970 in a Hillman Imp   ,then  moved to a Mk1 Mexico then Mk1 RS1600. Mostly competed in events in Southern England but also a number of national events around  the country. Had to give up in 75 when it started to get really expensive.

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