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Mondeo 1.8 tdci 2009 Egr cleaning/replacent

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Hi everyone. I l've had alot of issues with my car over last few years, fuel injectors, electrical problems etc. Car wenr into limp mode and stopped starting completely. Anyway ford changed one of my fuel injectors that was faulty and my car still wasnt right. Turned out one of the seals on the replaced injector blew. Anyway replaced it and said the EGR valve needed replacing eventually but they cleaned it.

So 5 months later, the stability control light is always on and car occasionally struggles to start. Seems like the EGR is at fault. However to replace...€1,500.00. Anyway Im going to try clean it myself first. I was going to try some wynns spray from Halfords but ive no idea where to spray it. Ive read that this particularl EGR valve is hard to take apart hence i want to try spray first. I know, i know embarrassed to ask question but no online guides for this model. Picture attached if.anyone can help. Do i detach the pipe on left and spray it into EGR directly or the.metal pipe at back towards windscreen?



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I'd get a code reader and see what ails the Mondy. Its no good guessing on a hunch.if you've got a Windows laptop then buy a code reader from Tunnelrat electronics and download a free software called Forscan, or if you've a  bluetooth Android phone, they also do a version for that, but the Forscan download will cost you £6 approx. I see you've had NO other answers in 2 days, so why not try asking about the egr on the Talkford.com forum as well? 

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I should of said the Ford Garage told me the EGR needed to be replaced and they claimed they cleaned it a bit last October. I wanted to try either clean it myself  again and try the egr spray. In the current pandemic €1,500 to replace a Egr in a no go.

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