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I've search but can't find any real answers about these ecoblue engines from Ford. I've read about the recall and engine failures in the transit, rangers etc does this also effect the 2.0 ecoblue in the Focus ST Ecoblue or Mondeo Ecoblue both 150 or 190 engines. Are they any good. if I buy a replacement car I'm looking for reliability of 10 years or so, with good mpg. I've read about the horror store from the 1.0ecoboost, really disappointing with that. Leaving either the diesels or 1.5ecoboost three cylinder. Usually only cover 3k a year now, Im looking for reliability and great mpg with a good bit of poke this time. Thanks.

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Nothing wrong with that, current car is MK4 Mondeo tdci 13years old 42.5k and zero issues with emmisions, dpf or even egr.  It's getting on a bit, some parts needed and got hit n run car park damage in several areas.  Pleasure of 12hour shifts for supermarket, customers don't seem to give an f###.

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