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Cold temp readings on mondeo 2008 1.8tdci ps125

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So I'm having this problem where the car will never get warm (the gauge is on 0) and the interior heating is cold. When you get up to 120kph/70mph the interior heating starts warming up a little bit but the engine still shows no signs of warming up. I have been trying to solve this for a while and today something strange happened, the temps spiked up to 120°c. I can't tell if the problem is in the gauge sensor or anything else, is there any checks I can do to narrow it down? 

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Well, with the mk3 you can enter a test mode on the dashboard and display various values, including coolant temp, so you could start there...

If you suspect the gauge, that doesn't explain why the heater doesn't work....... Its known for the water/coolant pump impeller to slip on the shaft on 3rd party pumps.. this can cause this problem, also, I take it you've checked the actual coolant level is OK? 

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