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Remove boot carpet trim mk3

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I'm suffering from the water ingress through rear vents under bumper issue and have found the fix, which I'm going to do.

I'd like to remove the fabric interior that sits over the rear sides of the boot, to dry it out- does anyone know how to remove it? - are there any hidden clips or anything I need to be aware of?



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I would also love to know a video or pictures would be amazing (been really surprised that I cannot find anything online, my Google-fu is usually pretty strong). It may give me some clues how to remove them in my mk3 estate with the same issue.

I have water pooling in the right channel under the carpet and I believe spreading from there to the wheel well. I opened the side compartment panel and was able to squish the dense foam back to find water running underneath there, alongside the wiring and has soaked into the foam.

I have seen many posts about water leaking into the vents below the bumper, filling them up and overflowing, but in my case I have also noticed some drips from the interior vents high up in the c pillars (estate). So I suspect the leak maybe higher up. However removing the right side trim would help me clean up and hopefully identify how it is tracking down.

Thanks in advance.


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