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Ford Mondeo 1.8TDCI starting problem (HELP)

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I have attached a YouTube video of the problem if you could please give me your views on what the problem could be? Thanks 

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On not a cold day above 5 degrees it starts normally and drives perfectly pulls like a train, thinking maybe glow plugs 

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I've got the 113 BHP version of this engine fitted in my 2005 MK2 Focus and the only time it gave me trouble with cold starting was when the glow plugs needed to be replaced.  It turned out I only had 2 working glow plugs, although the car was 10 years old at the time so I wasn't surprised the original glow plugs were a bit knackered.


There are many reasons why a car might not start in really cold weather but on a diesel the glow plugs is usually a good/sensible place to start, especially if they have never been replaced.

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Hi, I have the exact same issue with my 2009 1.8TDCi Mondeo. it sounds just like the above videos..☹️ I have replaced the glow plugs and no change..however connecting a multimeter showed there was no actual power going to the glow plugs altogether.

Fuses have all been checked and seem to be fine. I will be replacing them tomorrow anyway just in case. 

I bypassed the relay by going straight from the battery to the glow plugs with a cable and they seemed to heat pretty quick and my car started straight away which confirmed the whole 'no power going to the glow plugs' the normal way.

Does anyone have any idea on this? I'm thinking I need to replace the glow plug relay but if that isn't the case I am at a complete loss.

I will appreciate any input. Thanks!

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