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2014 S-Max DPF Filter/Vaporising Valve

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My simple question is, can a blocked DPF vaporising valve present as a blocked DPF filter, i.e. if the valve was blocked would this prevent a re-gen or would it mean that the whole DPF was blocked?

Thank you!

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If the vaporiser is blocked then the system cannot perform a regen and eventually the DPF will get blocked. The car will go into limp mode at some point if it keeps failing and the DPF fills up to a point (approx. 150 - 180% from my experience, from memory). 

If the vaporiser is then changed and the DPF learned values are reset, then the system should start to regen when driving normally, providing the DPF wasn't too full (mine was upto 200% and it did a regen)

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