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Smax mk2 2016 glovebox bulb

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How do you replace the bulb dont really want to remove the glove box.

Any manuals or videos on it.

Also wanting to change the puddle lights too how do I get in their.


Why do they make these things so complicated.

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I have just changed my puddle lamps for LED. You set the mirror pointing fully up and fully in towards the car door. You can then see the puddle light by peeking through the gap  It is easier to see if you push the whole mirror forward. Then if you look underneath you will see two slots, and you push a small flat blade screwdriver up through the outermost slot while looking through the gap that you have just made by moving the mirror glass. You should be able to unclip that side of the lamp and then it just comes out from the bottom, the wires are on small spade connectors. Replacement is the reverse, just engage the inboard fixed point on the lamp and then swing it up until the outboard clip engages. This has taken a lot longer to type than it takes to remove it!

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Yeah I manage to see the clip dropped it down and the stupid thing dont want to come out. The actual glass part came off and had to glue it back on.

Seriously why they make these things so complicated. Why just not a screw or something.

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Ehhhh I am pretty stuck here because I just opened the glove box and their is no lamp. The glass is their but no lamp. So you could not even change the bulbs. The plastic glass bit is their and it says so in the manual but the problem is that its not even funny that it aint their.

I rang Ford and they say its none existent to my car and tried to look online.


Ford s-max mk2 2016.

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