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S-Max 2.0 Ecoboost - Petrol 203/240hp - Swap from PS to manual transmition

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Hi Guys, I am new here, but in big need and I hope you will be able to help me.

I am fed up with the massive money loss and repair of PowerShift reducer.

do you have any contacts, where I would be able to find the complete manual transmition with all needed parts to make a swap.

I am fully aware that it requires additional programing but I have posibility to do it. Guys will make a swap no problems, but I need parts, and as it appears, there is a problem for petrol engines.

I would highly appreciate your support.


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Every time I've read about this in other forums it's always the same.  The amount of work and cost is just too much cos you also have to change interior trim and fixings and instruments and all sorts.

But all the best with it if you do go ahead.

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yes I understand that it is a massive ammount of work. But cost wise it doesn't make sense to pay approx 3000 pounds every 2 years. These reducers even after complete revamping leak anyway. I have great configuration of S-max and I would like to continue using it therefore I will try to swap reducers.


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