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Front wipers come on by themselves without any selection

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Hi Everyone.


Yesterday whilst driving home from work yesterday my Windscreen wipers developed a life of their own and started with no selection made. I have an 09 plate S Max 2.0 TDi. They would operate and seem to get faster. Operation of the stalk made no difference to anything. I even pulled over and turned the ignition off and pulled out the key, but they continued to operate once I started the jorney again. Before I start having  alook and pulling things apart I wanted to ask if anyone else has had this problem and how was it resolved?


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Probably water ingress in the alarm battery back up sounder connector. 

Or even water ingress in the fusebox in passenger footwell. 

Check the fusebox and connectors first as it's only a 5 min job .

Basically one of the canbus circuits may be interfering with the wiper module from another module( alarm system etc) 

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