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What is today the anniversary of? Mum asked me, thought I'd forgotten something - Decimilastion!!

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On chatting to mum earlier she asked me if I knew what today was the anniversary of, thinking I'd forgotten some big family event, she then eluded that 50 years ago the UK had it's Decimalisation day! (For a women in her 80s, still as sharp as a tack)

I was a kid at the time but remember my favourite Tayto crisps changing from 6d to 2.5NP (New Pence) Odd how time flies and that most folk on here will have experienced nothing else in their lives apart from the decimal currency... Also bought back memories of Spangles, and Glees, but that's a whole other post LOL

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I was at college at the time and remember we students explaining it to the ladies on the tills in the refectory. Mind you, I still think about things in "proper" money even now. I suppose what you learn first sticks with you!😃

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Yep I remember it well, primary school just spent a week learning all about pounds shillings and pence  then teacher said "and next week children we will be learning the new dicimalisation" boy what great teaching 👎 

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