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Hi all,

I had an airbag light flicker on my car over the month and it has now decided to stay on. Plugged computer in and found various faults to do with air bag related systems, tries resetting them but keep returning, so decided to replace the RCM, having done so i now have 3 faults that occur, B0001, B0091 and B0096.
B0001 Drivers frontal deployment control.
B0091 Left side airbag sensor.
B0094 Right side airbag sensor.
I replaced the RCM because i thought with so many original faults it had to be something central.
The current faults will not clear when resetting using computer and clearing crash data etc.

My question is, do i need to have the original sensors now showing fault code to be programmed into the new RCM or is there something else causing these faults to occur.

I had my car put into a local garage today and have been charge the pleasure of telling me what i already know. I now have it booked in at fords in 2 weeks time.

Any help muchly appreciated.


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The wiring for the airbags are superthin and is together with many other wires under your seats. Please consider to check the wiring under the drivers seat. 



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Will be doing this on sunday, the drivers seat has come loose somewhat which i believe is a common problem, so i have my fingers crossed that this is what has caused the problem. Thanks for the reply.

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I refitted the original RCM and it cleared the 2 side sensor faults, i assume that is because they are not coded to the replacement RCM as the resistance of these sensors were not visible on the live data stream.

Checked all wiring under the seat but it seems the issue was with the contacts on the plug in the steering column although no signs of corrosion and a steady 2.2ohm resistance. I pinched the pins in the plug so it made a tighter fit in the socket. This seems to have cleared the fault.

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