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Alarm triggered by putting children in car seats

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We have a relatively new smax and when I approach the car I unlock it and open the back doors to get the kids into car seats. Inevitably the alarm goes off before I’ve finished and I have to unlock it again. I know when I stop the engine I have the option to select reduced guard on the alarm so I assume that would prevent this? Is there a way to change anything else so I don’t have to do that each time?

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I feared this was the case - very annoying when wrestling children in to the back seats to think about opening a front door or digging a key out to keep unlocking. But thanks for your answer. 

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Have you checked all the settings on the speedo head display or the touch screen. It doesn’t matter what door you open to stop the auto lock function, certainly not on mine anyway.  I always thought reduced guard was for the anti syphon feature on the fuel filler neck. 

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