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Crankshaft pulley bolt torque

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Hi all. Recently I discovered that my crankshaft pulley is really wobbly. Now to get one is not a problem,, but i cant find any info about the pulley bolt torque setting. Did anyone changed their pulley and if so what is the torque that the bolt has to be tightened up to? I have a mondeo mk4 57 plate,, 2.0 Tdci 140HP..

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From the Haynes manual...

Stage 1:  70Nm

Stage 2: Angle-tighten a further 70o

Though if the bolt has become loose or you need to remove to change the pulley then it's recommended to get a new bolt. 

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I agree with the above regarding renewing the bolt, it may have been off before and has stretched.

Also if you don't have a thread cleaning tap it would be a good idea to make 4 cuts with a hacksaw at right angles to the thread, clean them up and screw that in a few times to clean up any old thread locking compound that might be there otherwise it may loosen no matter how far you tighten it up. 

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Thank you. At the end i wont have to replace the pulley bcs the problem i have is somewhere else, but its always good to know.

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