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Headlight bulb for mk2 2016

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I really want to change the bulbs I bought 2 now and they are the wrong ones. One of them LED ones did fit but I could not put the cap back on as the bulb chamber was too small.

1. Are the bulbs H7 bulbs???

2. Is their specific sizes???

I want the xenon look and not the horrible yellow. So what's the best option without messing about. I now looked at these.


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Looks like I am the only one replying in my own topic but haay hoo.... I have now cancelled the philips bulbs as they last 250 hours which is not alot. I kinda need something to last like 2000 hours or a long time.

So if anyone has a good idea of what to get as I wanted better brighter and whiter lights. Please let me know your recommendation if such a thing exists 

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