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Air bubbles in fuel line

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Hope someone can help! I have 2.0 diesel galaxy I had a new fuel filter fitted as part of the service the Machanic had trouble starting the car after ( about an hour to start it) once finally started the car run fine for about a week then it wouldn’t start again (no fuel in fuel line) another Machanic managed to get it started again but two hours later same problem! Car runs fine once started however I have noticed that if car is on flat ground or slopping up there is air bubbles in the fuel line when it’s running and after a short wile it won’t start again but if facing down hill no air bubbles and starts fine every time! It has half a tank of fuel so is not a low tank I haven’t a clue why this happens any advice would be appreciated on where to go with this before I start forking out load of money 


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There's an air leak around the filter somewhere.  As the fuel isn't pressurised on that side, air will get in but fuel won't leak out so it's not easy to spot and may take some trial and error.  Fuel filter connectors are definitely where I'd start though.

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