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SYNC3 and USB hard drives....reaching for the 50'000 limit.

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I'm getting there....

I finally have the drive (1TB hard drive in a caddy connected to the USB port in the centre arm rest) reporting all the MP3 files i have loaded, 45'000ish, can't remember the exact number.

To get to this point i've mainly used 3 applications:

  • Bulk Rename utility - used to remove non-standard characters from folder and filenames.
  • AVS Audio Converter - used to change FLAC files to MP3.
  • TagScanner - this has been used to remove unwanted metadata from the files, there can be a hell of a lot of it!!

I found i had to remove every file apart from MP3's and M3U (playlist) files, including FLAC files. I removed the FLAC file because i wanted to play with the metadata held in ID3 tag fields, FLAC uses a tag system called Vorbis, didn't have an editor for that tag type.

I used the rename utility to remove all non-standard characters , * , ' " # etc etc.

I used TagScanner to resize the track art, remove unwanted ID3 data, year, genre, comments etc. I only left the song title and artist to keep the metadata to a minimum.


Sometime this week i will add some more files to try and hit the elusive 50'000 MP3's!!!!!


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