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I have just looked in one of my genuine original brochures, it is only 400Kg Braked or Unbraked. Many people have had unpleasant surprises to find this out, lots of stuff on different forums asking same/similar questions

The Econetic models are what they are, what they were Homologated for, i.e. economy etc, low drag tyres etc etc so being Homologated for towing a caravan deletes what the veh was originally specified to do. If you go to a professional tow bar fitter you should find they will not fit a tow bar suitable to tow a caravan to an Econectic model.

If I was going to tow a caravan I would not buy an Econetic model. The 2 litre model does fair a little better.

If you want a copy of my brochure send me a PM stating your e mail address

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Thanks Trevor....we do a lot of water skiing so its for our boat.....only weighs about 900kgs but obviously not enough 😞 bugger thought I'd found a cracker as well lol 

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No worries Rob. It has caught a lot of purchasers out many times. It is not just Fords, for example, Mercedes do similar models.

It is all to do with what they were designed to do and, more importantly, homologated for, economy/efficiency etc

I think a 2 Litre might be ok for your boat, depends if you are braked or unbraked. 2015/2016 brochure for 2 litre diesel econetic is Braked 1,600Kg Unbraked 750Kg

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