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Sticky Phone glue and old window stickers removal

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Hi, My Mondeo which I love very much,  had the remains of a mobile phone sticky mess on the dash  and the remains of the old tax disk holder on the window. I tried thumb nails, white vinegar and glue remover no success. After a long though , I remembered when I was a Ford apprentice that white spirit was used by the body builders, So I got up, soaked both the old mobile phone sticky area and the old licence holder in white spirit, after 15 minutes I used a soft cotton cloth and elbow grease, both came off leaving no mark or residue. I then cleaned with Morrisons glass cleaner. You would not know either had being there.

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1 hour ago, nicam49 said:

How about that horrible white spirit smell? 

Probably preferable to all the disinfectant and sanitizer we're having to use currently! :biggrin:

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