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Warning eurocarparts

jack the mac

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Hi All

Could you please pass this on to your members, so they will not be deceived.

It’s a self explanatory email I sent to eurocarparts.





Hi, eurocarparts,


Regarding tyre inflator - Ring RAC 610 and your price promise.


Thank you for your decision to refund the difference and match Wilko’s price of £9.00 for this product, which your price being £15.99. The product is in stock and is the same model as yours in Wilko’s.


However it leaves me in doubt about your price promise. It took numerous emails to you (which I have saved), a visit to your store, when I was told, after waiting for half an hour, that your head office would not match the price of Wilko’s.


I told you in my last email that now, it’s not the money, but the principle. I don’t think it is fair that other customers, who seek your price promise, would be treated in this way.


The email I received from you was an apology and that you would refund the difference for home delivery.


My problem is that you ended the email saying on this occasion.


My logical interpretation of this is that you don’t honour your price promise on ALL occasions.


Because of this, I will inform 


    • Complain about a limited company

  • Consumer rights

  • Ombudsman

  • Companies house

  • BBC Watchdog

  • Vehicle forums that I am a member of and in addition will join every other vehicle marques forums to tell them of your so called PRICE PROMISE.

I will do this, I PROMISE (Unlike your promise). Yes, I am but small fry, but am willing to highlight a big apocryphal company like yours to everyone I can.


I will also add all our emails to prove your unwillingness, avoidance to honour your price promise thereby giving a factual account.


My contentment, irrespective of outcome, is knowing your name, policy of your so called price promise will be known to all other people, giving them the judgment of whether to shop with you. On this occasion I would rather shop elsewhere, in fact, anywhere but you.



(small fry, but having principles, one of which is that people should not be deceived with false promises).


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Sorry Luke,

I’ve joint loads of motoring clubs to get this message across and am finding it difficult keeping up with the responses. Looking up on this post, I cannot see your questions.

I went to eurocarparts as it was easier for me to get to and park, rather than to go to Wilko’s, being in a large shopping centre.

When I was told ‘no’, to their price match promise by their head office, it made my blood boil.

I couldn’t let it go and that was the beginning of this story, so to speak.

After loads of emails between us, they eventually refunded the difference in an email, with a closing comment, saying on this occasion !

For me, this is unacceptable, a price match promise is a price match promise and having fulfilled all of their conditions, was annoyed at being denied and that was by their head office !

This is still ongoing and I feel that us motorists have been taken for a ride too long.

I hope this answers some of your questions. My email address is jackthemac44@yahoo.co.uk if you want to find out more and it would be easier for me if you use this.

Best regards,


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You’ve not been taken for a ride, you had a choice where to buy the product, you chose the most convenient and also slightly more expensive option, their price promise states web prices including shipping etc, so if it was on the wilkos website for £9 it would have had £2 added for you to collect it (at your inconvenience) or £5-8 delivery, so the difference is either £5, £2 or -£1 depending how I convinced you wanted to be.


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