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Hi im new and apologise if i am repeating whats already known or if topic is too long , i bought a 2007 tdci 2.0 mondeo with an engine warning light on dash that i ignored and i also noticed  the car struggled to stay up in temperature and suspected the cooling fan didnt work , as they almost never do for me  .  i purchased  a basic code reader and the code seemed emission related, which i ignored but planned to sort with a new thermostat etc, a few weeks later and still no thermostat purchased  i heard a loud hiss of air underneath , one of the two pipes from the dpf to the exhaust sensor at back of engine blew apart which i  replaced with rubber fuel pipe . the moment i replaced that torn pipe i got a new warning on dash which said , engine malfunction and to add to it the car went into limp mode .codes were p2463 and p246 b . this is what ive learnt . resetting with a scan tool turns off the lights which now seem to work in tandem together for seconds to minutes max , but if you want to try and run a regen and want them to stay off while stationary this works and maybe not all steps needed  , pull the maff plug off , then  go to the engine fuse box , there are 3 gray relays nearer the front of car , pull the one furthest to the right / passenger side for dpf. read codes you will see maf added  . turn off car , plug back in maf , then use device to clear codes , then do service reset (press brake and accelerator and hold pedals in , then turn key to illuminate dash NOT start and wait for service reset message , then start car , the warning lights are gone , plug back in the relay for dpf while running  and once you dont drive and leave running stationary the lights seem to stay off for a forced burn  if thats what you want , i however didnt have that  option so i  filled the tank halfway with decent diesel  , then poured in a bottle of wynns dpf cleaner , then poured in a bottle of stp dpf cleaner aswell  ,i  drove 40 miles approx  at 120 kph when possible in limp mode with the warning lights on as they will not stay off while moving  , and finally gave up . however the next time my wife drove the car it began to shake quite violently within 2 miles and  lasted for a few minutes with a very pungent smell  , immediately after the engine malfunction message went out  and the car was free of  limp mode . later in the day the original yellow engine warning light went out on its own also .it would seem  it burnt something reasonably significant and did it with all warning lights on and probably with no fan running ,so while im NOT condoning pouring 2 bottles of dpf cleaner in your tank for now it worked for me ,you can sort this problem with persistance cheaply , sorry its long but there must be people out there with this problem and that may help keep the lights off for a regen or try  the more crude approach i used , i still plan to fix the thermostat . 


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