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My washers stopped working on my 2010 mk2 facelift I've changed the fuse and pump but still nothing any help 

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Have you tried filling the water bottle ? 🤣

Seriously is it both front and back not working or just one. This problem of screen washer problems seems to a bit of a thing this last couple of weeks. There are at least two other users with washer problems.

When you changed the pump did you measure the voltage to see if it was getting a supply ?

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The washer system is more complex than you would expect. The front/rear switch sends the command to the Body Control Module (BCM) which works out if its the front or rear screen that you want to wash. As you will have already found out there is only one pump, it runs clockwise for one screen and anticlockwise for the other.

The supply to the BCM from the both switches is normally 12V positive until you operate the switch and then the postive signal is removed and replaced by a negative signal. The BCM reacts to one of the inputs going negative and switches on the pump in the correct direction.

If you can find the wires (sorry don't know) from the switches you could seeing if they change to from positive to negative when you operate the switch

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