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Ticking noise behind dashboard

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Hi all, new member here I have already posted my introduction and a forward to my my Galaxy from hell.

Had the galaxy in the garage yet again yesterday to have a new alternator fitted it was going to only be the pulley but that had decided to weld itself on to the shaft solid so had the whole thing done. 

Obviously to do the job they removed my battery l, once I had reset radio code and electric the windows I drove home all great and much quieter in the car than before it went in.  But I have now found I'm left with what I'm guessing is relay or vent clicking behind the dashboard driver's side sounding almost like a clock with a ticks approximately 7 seconds  this is when parked and key in or out ,I have locked the car with me in it and it still ticks away and never stops. I know that this was not happening before it went in.

I have read that it can be to do with climate control and the blend doors but I cannot find how to reset it on my car as I have a denso unit and can only find reset instructions  for the normal climate control panel.

Any help would be very gratefully received. 

Thanks again rich.


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