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Anyone with a Mk4 Mondeo able to help me?

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I'm hoping someone is able to help me out here, I've noticed the hatch on my Mondeo seems to have slipped.

The hatch still closes just fine and seems to be a perfect fit where it meets the bumper. BUT, the small bit of metalwork above the light clusters on the hatch is sitting 4mm further out in comparison to the rear wings and the gap between the hatch and the roof line is 11mm right across and just looks way too big.


Would anyone be able to measure the gap between the hatch and roof line for me? and confirm if the hatch is flush with the wings above the light clusters?

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Hi I didn’t measure but a standard size wood clothes peg pushed in proper way up as you would peg it onto a line is a snug perfect fit between glass and roofline 

as for fit above light clusters , the boot is very slightly lower than wings above the light cluster but roughly carry’s on the curve 

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Thanks for that, much appreciated.


Turns out the auto lift struts I got from Dark Ice Designs were the issue, when the hatch was closed they were forcing it out of alignment. Took them off and put the stock struts back on and the roof gap instantly closed up and the back edge no longer sticks out passed the wings.

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