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Ford fiesta keyless ignition not working

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Hello. I have a Ford fiesta 2012 1.6tdci with keyless ignition, recently the fob won't unlock or start the car, I have to hold the fob near the ignition till the steering lock comes off to start it.

I have the fault codes and tried googling them but have had no luck with any fixes, I replaced a part which was suggested on one of the fixes I found but still not fixed. 

I'm currently in the process of buying a house so can't really afford taking the car to Ford just yet not till I know I can't personally fix it.

These are the fault codes I am getting: 

B10D9-87 PATS Transponder

U201F-13 external receiver

I have changed "ANTENNA CONTROL MODULE UNIT" part no: 8a6t-15k603-aac. Which is located by the hand brake. I have also put new batteries in both my key fobs. 

Any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you

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