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Ford Mondeo 2 litre immersion fuel pump and sender

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Good morning, I had a problem on my Mk 4 Mondeo 2l Edge, with the fuel gauge suddenly showing empty and the dash warning lights flashing and sounding. I pulled into the petrol station put a £5 worth of petrol in the tank and everything went back to normal. Being an old mechanic, and having worked on the problem in Ford cars before, I thought the fuel ender was at fault. I spoke to my local garage who said either its the sender or the gauge that's faulty. A new Ford Fuel pump sender made in Spain was over £200, However, one made at British Pumps for a Jaguar, was £30 +p&p, I spoke to the company and asked why don't Fords fit yours made in the UK, they said they did not know as its a far better pump sender. The garage said once the part was fitted, that my Mondeo is fast becoming a Jaguar Mondeo made with British parts, which are typically of a higher standard.  

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